The moment you completed your first 5 levels of training, you qualify for all the opportunities below to grow your wealth.

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PowerUp 400 is a training platform for anybody who wants to move towards being more successful in life. If you are willing to learn, we will equip and empower you for success.

You can use the referral code of a friend, or you can register on the powerup400.com website. You pay $150 once off and your learning material opens up for you.

When you paid your fees to join, you receive an eBook that you can read on your first level. The moment you are moved from your 1st to your 2nd level, your 1st training video will open up. At the same time you will receive a small incentive for completing your studies on level one of cycle one.

The same process will follow on each of the first 5 levels. At the end of level 5 you will receive a notification of completion as well as an option to re-enter the cycle for FREE. We do this to encourage you to complete the courses on each level because a course consists of 10 cycles. At the end of the 10th cycle, you will receive a certificate of completion for every course you completed.

If you do not respond and re-enter within 48 hours after you received the notification of completion, you will lose you place in the cycle and somebody else will fill that position.

Just contact us at “Contact” on this website or send us a mail to admin@powerup400.com and we will respond asap to assist you.

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